Fire Bomb Conviction Overturned


An animal rights campaigner jailed for 10 years for plotting a fire bomb attack on Oxford University has had his conviction overturned










Mel Broughton 48, of Semilong Road, Northampton, was jailed at Oxford Crown Court in February last year after he was found guilty of conspiracy to commit arson.
He appealed against his conviction earlier this year and, after taking more than a month to consider the verdict, Lord Justice Thomas returned to the Court of Appeal today to quash the conviction.

The judge, who heard the appeal with Mr Justice Kitchin and Sir Geoffrey Grigson, said an error in the way the trial judge summed up the evidence to the jury meant the conviction was "unsafe". After an application by crown prosecutors, the judge ordered that Mr Broughton, who was not present in court, be retried on the allegation as soon as possible.

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Let us not forget that Mel was set up. He did not do what he has been convicted of. They did what they did to him to get him out of the way. Mel, like all activists campaigning against these atrocities, is a thorn in the side of those who perpetrate them. Mel has a slim hope of being freed through appeal but to him the most important thing is for there to be more people on the streets of Oxford.

The Animal Protection Party will be standing in Oxford at the General Election in a couple of months. This is a great opportunity that we can all get involved in to raise this issue to new heights and to take away the privileges that Oxford MP Evan Harris has accumulated on the suffering of countless animals. - Keith

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