Mel Broughton Freed on Bail

Following an appeal court judgement on the unsafe conviction of animal rights campaigner Mel Broughton, he was this week moved from the far north of England where he was serving 10 years for offences he always denied committing back to HMP Oxford from where he was granted bail pending a further trial, the third. What the media are not saying much about in their ‘animal rights fire bomb conviction’ stories is that not only has Mel been in custody since December 2007 but the jury in Mel’s trial was mislead by the judge and that the forensic evidence was worthless. Perhaps most newsworthy of all is that the very police who visited this event upon Mel Broughton were caught recording themselves plotting to do such a thing in the months before his arrest. Conspiring to get him out of the way by harassing him! The police. More to come from this open news source shortly.



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