Reward for Fox Killers


Wales Against Animal Cruelty are being joined by Brian May's SAVE ME campaign, a site dedicated to defending the hunting act. They will be putting out an appeal on their site for donations towards reward money being offered for information leading to the conviction of those responsible for torturing this fox cub to death.

WAAC have already pledged £250, and that's just the start!

Found a dead fox cub on the edge of the Hiraethog forest today, with orange nylon rope tied in a knot around one her back legs. Her other back leg had been torn off - there was just a bit of jagged upper leg bone jutting down from her lower body. I believe this poor animal was used for baiting young hounds to become more vicious and so track and savage fully grown foxes to death. She was then dumped in the forest down a ditch on top of bramble and dried grasses. It was the smell of decay that gave away her whereabouts. This cub was obviously well fed by somebody before she was trapped/dug out, then abused, presumably by being swung around on the rope and mutilated by dogs. You could see she must have been very beautiful, not the thin scrawny types usually found in a forest area.

This poor girl was definitely tortured to death for the purpose of encouraging hounds/dogs to rip their victims apart I cannot begin to image what this poor young animal went through before she died of her injuries. She must have been terrified too! The people who did this are evil and sick cowardly thugs. If anyone knows who did this cruel and terrible thing, I hope they will do the decent thing and contact the police. These sick people need to be caught and fast. I will jpeg a photo for you Monday evening. I hope you can use this story, if only to get this out to the public at large. If nothing else this poor animal deserves for her story to be heard. You never know, the evil culprits might be exposed and somebody might inform on them. I live in hope!!! Have been back to the scene today - Monday - and met the RSPCA there. Police have promised they will also be investigating this awful crime.


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