Hollywood Actress Joins Sea Shepherd


Avatar Michelle Rodriguez Star Joins Sea Shepherd

Whale Wars: Michelle Rodriguez will set sail with anti-whaling activists Sea Shepherd from Fremantle this afternoon. Picture: Reuters Source: news.com.au

Hollywood actress Michelle Rodriguez, star of blockbuster Avatar, is in Fremantle throwing her support behind anti-whaling activist group Sea Shepherd.

Rodriguez said she will be on board Sea Shepherd’s flagship vessel MY Steve Irwin when it sets sail at 4pm today for Hobart where crew plan to replenish supplies before heading to the Southern Ocean in December.

The trip, dubbed 'Operation No Compromise', will be Sea Shepherd’s seventh mission into the frigid waters of Antarctica to try and stop the slaughter of whales by Japanese researchers.

Among the crew are three Perth residents including former Labor Attorney General Jim McGinty’s brother Kevin McGinty, Steven Bennett and Georgie Dicks.

Captain Locky MacLean said the crew are looking forward to having Rodriguez on board.

The group, which uses militant tactics in its fight against whaling, made headlines early this year when their stealth vessel the Ady Gill was ‘cut in half’ by Japanese whalers.

This year, a new monohull fast vessel called the Ocean Adventurer will replace the Ady Gill.

Sea Shepherd’s Australian Director Jeff Hansen said: “It is great to see high profile people like Miss Rodriguez giving up their spare time to help promote our fight to defend the whales being illegally targeted in New Zealand and Australian waters”.


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