'Hunt Supporters Attacked Us' Claims


Avon and Somerset police say they are investigating allegations by South West Hunt Saboteurs that they were attacked and robbed by hunt supporters. The saboteurs claim that the incident took place on Saturday when members of the South West hunt saboteurs were out monitoring a hunt taking place on the Mendips at Ston Easton and Emborough.

Lee Moon, spokesman for the Hunt Saboteurs, said they were present at the hunt to monitor for evidence of illegal hunting and to present any such evidence to the police.

Mr Moon said: "Whilst standing on a public footpath watching the hunt, the group of eight anti-hunt protesters, made up of men and women, were approached by five vehicles whose number plates had been obscured with mud. "Approximately a dozen men jumped out of the vehicles and proceeded to attack the hunt saboteurs shouting "get the cameras". People were punched in the face and one man had his leg repeatedly stamped on.

"The attackers did not stop until they had stolen three video cameras and one digital camera.
"Members of the anti-hunt group were left severely battered and shocked by this un-provoked and brutal attack and robbery.
"The incident has been reported to the police who are currently making enquiries.

Mr Moon added: "We are sick and tired of seeing hunts trying to portray themselves as part of the tradition and fabric of this country.
"If our traditions include violence, intimidation and robbery then perhaps they are.
" It is time the police showed these people that the countryside is not their own private playground and prosecute them for the crimes they commit against animals and people."

A spokesman for Avon and Somerset police confirmed that there had been a complaint made to them about an incident at Ston Easton on Saturday. Police had attended the scene following the incident and had started an investigation.

The spokesman added that they had been allegations of assault and theft from several hunt observers. Police officers had not been able to collect all the statements at the time were now in the process of taking statements from the complainants in their own homes.



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