New Setback for Bullfights in Spain


Madrid - Spain's bullfighting tradition suffered a new setback Wednesday as the senate rejected a proposal to declare bullfights a part of the country's cultural heritage.

Senate rejected the proposal presented by the main opposition conservative People's Party (PP) with 129 votes against 117 and one abstention.

Bullfights had inspired countless Spanish artists, PP representative Pio Garcia-Escudero argued, describing the matador as an artist who had improvise and risk his life.

The PP had the support of about 60 people representing the bullfighting industry, including bullfighters and bull breeders, who came to follow the debate at the senate.

Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero's Socialist Party, however, said the PP's proposal violated the authority of Spain's 17 semi-autonomous regions, which were responsible for decisions concerning cultural heritage.

The Socialists did not oppose bullfights, only the way the PP had formulated its proposal, Socialist representative Roberto Lertxundi said.

The Catalan regionalist party CiU, however, criticized bullfights, saying few people took an interest in them and that they were unethical.

The PP said it was considering court action against the decision taken by the north-eastern region of Catalonia to ban bullfights in July.

Catalonia was the first region in mainland Spain to adopt such a measure, which sparked a nationwide debate about the future of bullfighting.

More than 10,000 bulls are killed annually in Spanish bullfights.,bullfights-spain-summary.html


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