Norweigian Fur Industry Exposed Again


Norway: New investigation into the Norwegian fur industry

PRESS RELEASE: Strike three, you're out!

In the wake of the investigation of 45 Norwegian fur farms last year, Norwegian Minister of Agriculture, Lars Peder Brekk, condemned the cruelty exposed in the media. Following the disclosure, he promised that the industry would lose his political support if such negligence were documented again.

During the summer of 2010, Network for Animal Freedom and the Norwegian Society for Protection of Animals have documented systematic and widespread animal cruelty at 39 Norwegian fur farms. Thousands of pictures and several hours of video footage document countless injured and severely sick animals. Foxes and minks with missing legs, grave bite injuries and stereotypical behaviour were common sights at the farms investigated. The investigations show that the regulations for breeding fur animals does not prevent animals from suffering daily in their small wire mesh cages.

"It is a horrible sight to see active predators in captivity, suffering every day. In the wild, these animals roam over large areas where they can hunt and play. Minks have a need to swim and hunt in water, while foxes have a need to dig. Being confined in a wire mesh cage, none of these needs are met. On the contrary, the captivity drives the animals crazy: Mothers killing their puppies and siblings killing and eating each other is a common sight in the fur farms. We hold the Minister of Agriculture, Lars Peder Brekk, responsible for each and every animal that dies a painful death on the farms." says Odd Harald Eidsmo from Dyrebeskyttelsen Norge.

This is the third consecutive year that animal rights activists have documented the conditions on Norwegian fur farms. A total of 184 fur farms have been visited since the spring of 2008. The impression of the farms is unchanged: Horrible animal suffering is still the reality for the foxes and minks held in captivity. After last years investigations, the Norwegian Veterinary Society went public demanding that the government should shut down the fur industry.

“I’m appalled that after three years I’m still witnessing the same shameful treatment of fur animals. Our investigations prove the industry is governed by regulations that is indifferent to the needs of the animals, and they are a mockery of our animal welfare law. When the Minister of Agriculture initiated the work on new regulations, he had one condition: The industry had to survive. It’s beyond every reproach for a minister in charge of the well-being of our animals, to put economic interests above the animal welfare law. We demand that Lars Peder Brekk keeps his promise of shutting down this cruel industry" says Per Arne Tollefsen from Nettverk for dyrs frihet.

Oslo, October 31th., Dyrebeskyttelsen Norge and Nettverk for dyrs frihet

Per Arne Tollefsen, press secretary
Nettverk for dyrs frihet - Network for Animal Freedom -
+47 99489637

Odd Harald Eidsmo, public relations manager
Dyrebeskyttelsen Norge - Norwegian Society for Protection of Animals -
+47 47458844





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