Ray Greek Meets UK Science Minister


Science Minister Meets with Researchers

Andre Menache

Leading members of the science community met in Havant to discuss the pros and cons of animal testing. Dr Ray Greek and Andre Menache, as well as Leigh Park Councillor Faith Ponsonby, met yesterday with Havant MP David Willetts, who is the science minister.

Dr Greek believes that testing on animals for new drugs should be massively reduced.

Instead he believes more pharmaceutical testing should be on human tissue. They believe animals such as rats have a very different biology to humans and therefore the testing is not thorough enough.

Dr Greek said: 'It's time for 20th century animal researchers to catch up with 21st century science, it's actually not a difficult choice.'

Cllr Ponsonby said: 'It may be the answers they are proposing may be able to save an awful lot of money and make things a lot safer for patients.'

The issue has come to the fore as budgetary pressures mean the amount the government spends on scientific research may go down.

Mr Willetts said: 'Britain has one of the most rigorous regimes in the world. It's hard to see how we could cut out all clinical trials on animals.


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