Science Report Slams Primate Tests


BBC wildlife presenter Dr Charlotte Uhlenbroek joins leading scientists and doctors to launch campaign

The campaign’s report presents an immediate science strategy to end poisoning tests on non-human primates

Authored by Dr Andre Menache, director of science group Antidote Europe, the report is endorsed by biologists, toxicologists, conservationists, doctors and animal behaviourists.

Poisoning tests comprise around 90% of all primate experiments in the UK and US; are some of the most shockingly cruel; and are not predictive for human biology. Says Dr Uhlenbroek: “I have never filmed inside a primate laboratory, nor would I want to. However I have seen undercover footage of monkey breeding farms and macaques undergoing invasive test procedures filmed inside laboratories — and I was shocked by those images. It is difficult to imagine the emotional and psychological trauma that these animals endure when they are separated from their family groups, transported in tiny cages to far away destinations, to be used as living test tubes.

“We are told that toxicity tests are performed on non-human primates to safeguard human health, because of their similarity to us. However, by the same token we have a duty and an obligation to afford them special protection. Given that modern science has the means to obtain the required safety data without the use of animals, we must act immediately and decisively to end those animal experiments.”

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Toxic Waste: Ending the use of non-human primates in toxicity testing

Publication date: October 12th, 2010

Antidote Europe

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