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47 news items 24th August to 13th October 2010

“Pfizer's Antidepressant Reboxetine Doesn't Quell Illness, Analysis Find.”
Bloomberg. 13 October 2010.

 “Pfizer depression drug ineffective, may be harmful: study.”
Reuters. 13 October 2010.
“Hormone replacement increases kidney stone risk.”
Reuters. 12 October 2010.

 “Novartis's Afinitor Fails to Slow Rare Form of Pancreatic Cancer in Trial.”
Bloomberg. 11 October 2010.
“Jazz Fails to Win U.S. Approval of Fibromyalgia Drug.”
Bloomberg. 11 October 2010.

“Abbott Pulls Obesity Drug Off The Market.”
RedOrbit. 9 October 2010.
“Meridia (sibutramine): Market Withdrawal Due to Risk of Serious Cardiovascular Events.”
FDA Medwatch. 8 October 2010.

“Weight-loss drug withdrawal latest blow to obesity fight.”
Washington Post. 8 October 2010
“Targacept says ADHD drug fails in study.”
BusinessWeek. 7 October 2010.

“Once-Promising Heart Failure Drug Fails in Trial. It's 'the end of the story' for rolofylline against this tough-to-treat condition, researcher says.”
Business Week. 6 October 2010.
“Rosiglitazone and the need for a new drug safety agency.”
BMJ 2010; 341:c5506 doi: 10.1136/bmj.c5506 (Published 6 October 2010)

“Safety worries halt trials of promising biological analgesic.”
BMJ 2010; 341:c5482 doi: 10.1136/bmj.c5482 (Published 5 October 2010).  N Engl J Med2010; doi:10.1056/nejmoa0901510
“Glaxo's herpes vaccine fails in trial, NIH says.”
Reuters. 30 September 2010.

“Insiders criticise FDA’s decision not to withdraw rosiglitazone”
BMJ 2010; 341:c5333 doi: 10.1136/bmj.c5333 (Published 29 September 2010)  Cite this as: BMJ 2010; 341:c5333

 “Incidence of breast cancer falls with less HRT use, Canadian study confirms.”
BMJ  341:c5307 doi: 10.1136/bmj.c5307 (Published 27 September 2010)

“Diabetes drug linked to heart failure.”
3News. 27 September 2010.
 “AstraZeneca drug fails in prostate cancer trial.”
Reuters. 27 September 2010.

“Pfizer ends prostate cancer study of Sutent.”
Business Week. 27 September 2010.
“Novartis Hid Health Risks of Bone Drugs, Lawyer Tells Jury in New Jersey.”
Bloomberg. 23 September 2010.

“UK study links antipsychotic drugs to clot risk.”
Reuters. 22 September 2010

“FDA sees bowel risk in early Glaxo vaccine data.”
Reuters. 22 September 2010. 

“Sanofi Says Experimental Drug Failed in Late Tests.”
Bloomberg. 22 September 2010.

“Actos (pioglitazone): Ongoing Safety Review – Potential Increased Risk of Bladder Cancer.”
FDA Medwatch. 17 September 2010.

“Transition, Lilly kill diabetes program after trial failure.”
Fiercepharma. 17 September 2010.

“August 2010 Drug Safety Labeling Changes.
This posting includes 24 products with safety labeling changes
to the following sections: CONTRAINDICATIONS, WARNINGS,
FDA Medwatch. 16 September 2010.

“Neurocrine slips on failure of depression drug.”
Google.com. 15 September 2010.

“FDA not impressed with new weight-loss drug.”
Sun-Sentinel. 14 September 2010.

“Bone-Loss Drugs Linked to Higher Risk of Uncommon Thigh Break, Report Says.”
Bloomberg. 14 September 2010.
“Leukemia Drug Trial Fails.”
New York Times. 13 September 2010.

“More Cancer Treatment Failure.”
AZ Articles. 13 September 2010.
 “Risks of old, new diet drugs face U.S. scrutiny.”
Reuters. 10 September 2010.

“FDA Warns Of Deadly MRI Drug Side Effects. Drugs Said To Cause Rare Skin, Joint Hardening Syndrome.”
WMTW. 10 September 2010. 

“U.K. watchdogs vote for Avandia withdrawal.”
Fiercepharma. 7 September 2010.

“Diabetes drug with heart attack link 'should never have been issued'. 'British Medical Journal' says Avandia should be withdrawn from the UK market.”
The Independent. 6 September 2010.

“UK wants GSK's Avandia pulled as EU reviews safety.”
Reuters. 5 September 2010.

“Low IgG Poses Infection Risk With Rituximab.”
Medpage. 3 September 2010.
“Bone Medicines May Increase Risk of Esophageal Tumors, Researchers Find.”
Bloomberg. 3 September 2010. 

“Osteoporosis drug 'doubles cancer risk'.”
Daily Telegraph. 2 September 2010.

“Study Sees Heart Risk in Meridia Diet Pill.”
New York Times. 1 September 2010.

“Tygacil (tigecycline): Label Change - Increased Mortality Risk.”
FDA Medwatch. 1 September 2010
“FDA urged to pull Abbott diet drug from market. Sibutramine, sold under the brand name Meridia, carries heart attack, stroke risks for users with a history of cardiovascular disease.”
Chicago Tribune. 1 September 2010.

“Drug prescribed for PTSD raises concerns.”
Boston Globe, http://www.Boston.com 30 August 2010.

“Forest-Gedeon Richter drug misses overall goal.”
Marketwatch. 30 August 2010. 

“Pfizer settles menopause drug case before retrial.”
Boston.com. 28 August 2010.
“In Some Patients, Hypertension Meds Raise Blood Pressure. Finding true for "significant" percentage of people, researchers say.”
Business Week. 25 August 2010. 

“Diabetes Drug Actos Has Same Heart Risks as Glaxo's Avandia, Study Finds.”
Bloomberg. 25 August 2010.

“Heart risk from diabetes drug Actos as great as from Avandia, study finds.”
LA Times. 24 August 2010.


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