10,000 March Agaist Vivisection in Italy


We counted about 10.000 protesters marching on Saturday sept 25th in the streets of Rome against Green Hill and against vivisection!
I guess this was probably the biggest AR demo ever, maybe not only in Italy.

Since we knew this demo would attract thousands of non-activists or just animal-lovers, outraged by the latest EU directive and the news on vivisection becoming public and spread all over, we decided to use this demo to give a lot of messages:

We had speeches on abolitionism, antispeciesism connected to racism, grassroots activism, campaigning with no political flag or big organization needed, veganism, direct action and supporting prisoners. The crowd cheered and liked them all, especially when we said we were there with no political flags or big AR groups names! We gave hundreds of specific flyers inviting dog lovers to become vegan and active for the animals.

We offered vegan food and asked on our 7.000 strong nesletter to bring only vegan food and think about becoming vegan.
We sold a lot of books/booklets on animal liberation, campaigning, direct action, radical ecology. We collected money to help rehabilitate the Morini beagles in some sanctuaries.

Arriving in the last square was an emotion, with thousands and thousands of people behind, without possibility to see the end of the march... it took almost 30 minutes for all the people to be there... after 15 minutes we had to phone the second van of the demo to ask where they were, since they could not be seen... incredible!

There is so much to be told on this demo. We have more plans and will use this new strength to spread action against vivisection all over Italy.

There will be a national (maybe international?) week of action againstvivisection and against Green Hill from November 1st to 7th. We expect a lot of demos to take place all over the country.

Actually on saturday many groups not connected to us organized many more small demos against vivisection in torino, Milano, trento, catania, cagliari, firenze... all of them together gathered a couple thousands more people speaking up against vivisection, even if in most cases with a different approach to ours.






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