2010 - HLS' Primate Supplier Exposed


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This is the yet another example of the heartless, cruel vivisection supplier PPI and the suffering involved in the global primate trade. Thanks to the work of The Animal Liberation Investigation Unit we have been made aware of the suffering inside the chilling confines of Primate Products, Inc. (7780 NW 53rd Street Miami, FL). The ALIU has released ten damning photographs from within Primate Products.

The photos depict lifeless monkeys, many bloodied with their skulls exposed. We don't know what happened to these unfortunate animals, but the injuries shown in the pictures are horrific. These pictures have become public and follow on only two weeks after the leaked documentation showing PPI's involvement in the supply of primates to HLS in New Jersey. If you are in the Florida area and can help with the campaign to close down this primate supplier, then please do get involved!

Next Florida demo, September 7th - Be part of the campaign and remind every PPI employee of the shame they carry, the pain they are responsible for and the blood that is on their hands.

For more information about the campaign to close this supplier down, contact: railfront@gmail.com

SHAC had also received a number of leaked documents from PPI at the beginning of August detailing the purchase of hundreds of monkeys from China by Huntingdon Life Sciences between 2006-2008. The documents reveal, once again, how HLS and its customers are directly responsible for the horrible suffering of monkeys trapped for the international primate trade.

The documents include contracts, invoices, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service import permits, animal health certificates issued by the People's Republic of China, shipping routes, contact sheets, and miscellaneous e-mails (such as correspondence about a December 2007 trip to Florida by three HLS employees from the UK and US to tour Primate Products, Inc.'s quarantine facility and breeding farm).

September, 1st update: Top USDA officials, including Eastern Regional Director Betty Goldentyer, confirmed that its inspectors will, based on the photos and complaints from animal groups, go visit the facility and investigate.

The president of Primate Products, Don Bradford, confirmed that the photos are real, they were taken from inside the facility, and the animals in the images are not dead.

But the activists say regardless of how the animals in the photos were injured, it reveals the unsettling world of using live animals for medical and other scientific research.



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