Vet College Ends Dog Experiments, Ontario



Effective this academic year, the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) will end the training of students through terminal surgeries which have taken the lives of hundreds of healthy dogs. The termination of these animal experiments, and their replacement by models, cadavers and supervised clinical learning opportunities with shelter animals, was announced September 10, 2010 on the OVC website following a sustained campaign. The process of change began in 2009 with a friendly beagle, Rainbow, who was one of the OVC dogs whose fate was to be killed after surgical practice.

Dr. Anya Yushchenko, InterNICHE National Contact Assistant and then veterinary student at OVC, conscientiously objected by refusing to participate in the killing of an otherwise healthy dog. With the help of Dr. Olivier Berreville, InterNICHE National Contact for Canada, and lawyer Nick Wright, Dr. Yushchenko fought for her right to a veterinary education free of harmful animal use. In the process, Dr. Yushchenko was able to save Rainbow’s life, and placed her in a loving home. Following this achievement, a collaborative effort between InterNICHE and Animal Alliance led this year to the rescue of several other dogs, and the subsequent decision by OVC to eliminate terminal surgeries. “We congratulate the Ontario Veterinary College and Guelph University for stopping outdated, cruel terminal surgeries and for choosing to join the increasing number of universities and colleges worldwide that now use modern, ethical methods to teach their students”, says Berreville. “We will strive to provide any help needed by the OVC to ensure that the new curriculum and methods used are fully ethical.” InterNICHE provides a range of resources to support the implementation of humane alternative methods and replace the harmful use of animals in education. These include the book and database of alternative methods ‘from Guinea Pig to Computer Mouse’ (2nd ed.); a number of Alternative Loan Systems (libraries) for free access to humane learning tools; and a Humane Education Award grant program to help fund progressive curricular transformation.


Olivier Berreville, PhD, InterNICHE National Contact, Canada.
email: ; phone: (902)-488-5573
InterNICHE (International Network for Humane Education) is a non-profit
organization that seeks the full replacement of harmful animal use in
education and training.


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