Austrian Trial: Human Rights Abuse


Animal Protection Trial: Turkish Human Rights Campaigners angered. Charge against Austrian Association of Judges

Turkish human rights campaigners have responded angrily to a statement given by the Association of Judges earlier this week. The association's statement followed strong criticism from the media for the decision to charge a professor of law for criticising the judge's handling of the animal protection case

In the newspaper interview the professor stated that, after being at the court she was of the opinion that the defendants were not being given a fair trial. The Vice President of the Association of Judges told the press We are not in Turkey, we are not in Sudan. Here we conform to human rights.

Angered by the statement, human rights campaigners in Turkey wrote a public letter concerning the matter which can be read at the following link:

In the letter campaigners from the group 'Freedom to Earth Association' point out that human rights violations in Turkey are not an excuse to ignore fundamental rights of people in Austria, as they are being in the animal protection case.

Charges are being brought against the Vice President of the Austrian Judges Association for slander


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