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5th January to 22nd February 2011

Antipsychotic drugs: Class Labeling Change - Treatment During Pregnancy and Potential Risk to Newborns
FDA Medwatch. 22 February 2011. 

FDA cites Sanofi over drug side effect reporting.
Reuters. 22 February 2011.

Can Prescription Amphetamine Use Raise Parkinson's Risk? Study found those who said they had used Benzedrine or Dexedrine showed 60 percent greater likelihood.
Healthday. 20 February 2011.

Diabetes drug to be withdrawn over heart risk fears.
New Zealand Herald. 17 February 2011.

State sues drug maker.
2theadvocate. 17 February 2011. 

Cancer Drugs Have Worst Phase III Track Record.
Internal Medicine News. 16 February 2011.

Negative experiences can stop painkillers working.
BBC. 16 February 2011

No drop in U.S. kids' pneumonia rate after vaccine.
Reuters. 16 February 2011 

The risks of taking pain medicine. Nausea, stomach bleeding, heart disease and more: The list of potential dangers from taking over-the-counter pain medications is lengthy.
Los Angeles Times. 14 February 2011.

Heart failure warning with dronedarone.
PJ Online. 14 February 2011.

Success rates for experimental drugs falls: study.
Reuters. 14 February 2011.

Drug's belated recall a bitter pill. Newport-based Xanodyne has pulled painkillers, but lawsuits remain.
Cincinnati. 13 February 2011

Blood pressure drug 'could harm stroke patients'.
Daily Telegraph. 11 February 2011

Pfizer Said to Pay $330 Million to Settle Prempro Lawsuits Claiming Cancer.
Bloomberg. 9 February 2011

 FDA Panel Urges Stricter Standards for Cancer Drugs
Medpage Today. 8 February 2011

GSK revised label of diabetes drug Avandia to include restrictions.
Healthy Living. 7 February 2011

New rosiglitazone label includes restrictions on use.
The Heart. 7 February 2011

Another failure for AstraZeneca.
Sharecast. 7 February 2011

AstraZeneca abandons work on prostate cancer drug zibotentan.
Yahoo. 7 February 2011

Avandia (rosiglitazone): REMS - Risk of Cardiovascular Events.
FDA Medwatch. 4 February 2011

Celgene Falls On Revlimid Fears, Explanation For Trial Halt.
CSJ. 3 February 2011

Finnish health authorities see link between Pandemrix and narcolepsy
http://www.fiercevaccines.com February 2, 2011

FDA rejects another diet pill.
Washingon Post.  2 February 2011. 

Avandia Lawsuit Settled by GlaxoSmithKline Day Before Scheduled Trial.
Drugwatch. 1 February 2011.
Pharma Times. 1 February 2011.

U.S. rejects Orexigen diet drug over heart risks.
Reuters. 1 February 2011.

WHO reviews GSK H1N1 flu shot after narcolepsy link.
Reuters. 1 February 2011.

Pfizer to Pay $142.1 Million Over Neurontin Marketing.
Bloomberg. 28 January 2011.

Eisai's Rollercoaster: Sepsis Drug Failure Overshadows Eventful Few Days.
Seeking Alpha. 28 January 2011.

Child Flu Vaccine Seizures?
CBS News. 26 January 2011.

Eisai's Sepsis Drug Eritoran Fails to Save More Lives in Final-Stage Study.
Bloomberg, 25 January 2011

GSK set aside $3.4bn in last quarter of 2010 to cover legal costs.
BMJ 2011; 2011; 342:d488 doi: 10.1136/bmj.d488 (Published 24 January 2011).

EU Agency Reviews Sanofi Heart Drug
WSJ. 21 January 2011

US warns of liver damage with heart drug.
The Independent. 19 January 2011

Glaxo’s Legal Problems Lead to New $3.4 Billion Charge
New York Times. 16 January 2011..

Painkiller paracetamol's 'link to liver failure'.
Daily Express. 15 January 2011.

Sanofi to Send Letter on Multaq Liver Failure Cases.
Bloomberg. 14 January 2011

Afib Drug Tied to Reports of Liver Injury.
MedPage Today. 14 January 2011

UPDATE 2-Sanofi confirms liver damage in 2 Multaq patients.
Reuters. 14 January 2011

Diabetics join fray in French weight pill furor.
Reuters. 13 January 2011.

Popular painkillers can increase heart attack risks, study shows.
The Independent. 12 January 2011

Analysis shows heart, stroke risk of pain drugs.
Reuters. 11 January 2011

Statins may raise stroke risk in some: study.
Reuters. 11 January 2011

Roche Sued by Patient Claiming Cancer From Pulled Psoriasis Drug Raptiva.
Bloomberg. 8 January 2011.

Popular Breast Cancer Drug Avastin to be Phased Out.
Daily Rosetta. 8 January 2011.

Avastin raises heart failure risk in breast cancer.
Reuters. 5 January 2011

Plus an old one:

No Value in Any Influenza Vaccine: Cochrane Collaboration Study
Gaia-Health. 6 December 2010.

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