Activists Target Mink Farms In Italy


Yesterday we launched a day of action against mink farms in Italy. Around 2pm o'clock 400 people (according to local media) started to march from the local ex concentration camp of Fossoli ( to a modern one located since so many years 1 km far from the camp: the Italo Rossi's mink farm. We made connections between the two realities for all the march and also for the previous days through our press releases.

Anyway we spent also the previous days answering to media which criminalized the protest often writing Campagna AIP was similar to Alf and the demos of yesterday were organized to free the animals from cages. We had some positive responses to local media we got in touch, making clear we're not connected with Alf even if we strongly support direct actions against mink farms.

The march and the demos were really really good, people were so involved and large part of them probably never got in touch directly with a mink farm, just seeing that was so important. But the best news arrived at the beginning of the march when we were informed the mink farm located in Novi (where the second demo was planned, not so far from the one in Fossoli) was definitely closed. Yes, we can announce another mink farm closed down in Italy! And surely bacause of direct actions against it (There were during the past years: two liberations, two cars of the owner's family were burned, several raids in the middle of the nights with fireworks, menaces through phone callings... All these actions according to what media reported). We think the owner was really stressed.

We decided anyway to go to the mink farm in Novi, first of all because we wanted to verify directly the informations and because the farm's owner is still in evil business running a fur shop and a sort of tannery.

We had the chance to go inside with two activists to verify. All cages were empty and we confirmed the mink farm was closed. Unfortunately it wasn't possible for us to take pictures but we'll work on it...

As Campagna AIP we decided for the moment to continue on this way, planning demos against fur farms. Another national protest is planned probably for February. The attention of the media is high, lots of people are coming to the protests and at the moment, after a silence regarding 'our' fight against fur industry in Italy, we decided to focus on the farms. Currently in Italy around 15 fur farms seem still active and we wanna put as much pressure as we can on them! In the next days we'll post lots of pictures on our flickr album and maybe videos of the protest.

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