Canada: Hospitals End Fatal Use Of Animals


Canadian Hospitals End Fatal Use of Rabbits and Pigs: One Action

Together, we continue to save lives and stop cruel training practices! We recently learned that PCRM was successful in ending the use of rabbits and pigs in trauma training courses at two Canadian medical facilities.

In a pediatric trauma training course in Hamilton, Ontario, trainees made an incision between live rabbits’ ribs and inserted a plastic tube into the animals’ chest cavities. In another course at Hamilton Health Sciences, up to 91 pigs per year were used in a course in which needles were inserted into the animals’ chest cavities and the sacs around their hearts. Pigs were also used in a trauma training course at Saint John Hospital in New Brunswick. Both hospitals now teach these crucial lifesaving procedures with medical simulators modeled on the human body.

PCRM urged course directors and administrators at both medical centers to adopt nonanimal training methods. We also filed a federal complaint against Hamilton Health Sciences with the Canadian Council on Animal Care before the hospital confirmed that it had replaced animal use.

These victories are part of PCRM’s highly successful United States- and Canada-wide effort to replace the use of animals in Advanced Trauma Life Support courses. With your help we have saved thousands of animals from being used in these courses and advanced medical training at dozens of facilities across North America.

Please contact Baystate Medical Center president and CEO Mark Tolosky and Chief of Trauma and Emergency Surgical Services Ronald Gross, M.D. Ask Mr. Tolosky and Dr. Gross to replace the use of pigs in all ATLS courses with the validated nonanimal training method that Baystate already owns. Please remember, being polite is the most effective way to help these animals and improve medical education.

We have provided you with some text but if you choose to write your own here are some talking points:

1. I am writing to urge you to end the use of animals in Baystate’s Advanced Trauma Life Support program.
2. The vast majority of ATLS programs in the United States and Canada exclusively use nonanimal methods like the TraumaMan System.
3. Baystate owns the TraumaMan System and could immediately replace the use of pigs.

Click the “Send Message” button and your e-mail will automatically be sent to Mr. Tolosky and Dr. Lee.



Please immediately replace the use of live animals in Baystate’s Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) program with an American College of Surgeons-approved alternative such as the TraumaMan System. Baystate’s state-of-the-art medical simulation center, which currently owns TraumaMan, affords you the opportunity to seamlessly transition to nonanimal training methods.

From PCRM | Ryan Merkley


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