Monkey Gets Revenge On Cruel Trainer


See how you like it! Moment a performing monkey got its revenge on his cruel trainer

A cruel street performer who whipped his monkeys got the shock of his life when one of the animals turned on him.

The incident happened when the man and his performing monkeys were putting on a show on a street in Nanchang, capital of southern China's Jiangxi Province.

A trainer got quite a surprise when, after threatening his monkey with a whip, the animal pulled his hair

The trainer winced in pain as the monkey let go of his hair and started to back off

The trainer appeared to be crying after the hair pulling, unaware of what was about to come

The man would signal the monkeys to tell them what to do but if they failed to act or made a mistake he whipped them.

Eventually, obviously fed up with the treatment, one of the monkeys decided to stand up to the man.

To begin with he took the trainer by surprise - jumping up and yanking his hair.

When the man then picked up his whip threateningly the monkey grabbed hold of a stick and squared up to him.

Onlookers smiled and laughed as the monkey engaged in stick-to-stick combat with his trainer. Maybe now the trainer will think twice before whipping his animals again.

The monkey then grabbed a stick and make a flying leap at his mean trainer

The monkey and trainer engaged in some stick-to-stick combat

Onlookers were grinning as the altercation took place

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