Investigators Prosecuted For Filming Pig Farm


In November 2009, the Animal Rights Alliance in Sweden released photographs and film from 100 Swedish pig farms. 

One of the farms visited, Blackstaby, belongs to the former chairman of the meat industry’s association; Swedish Meats. We reported his, and another 91 farms, to the police for breaking the animal welfare regulations. .

Despite hours of film, 400 photographs, veterinarians supporting the case and that two people testified about what they had documented at the farm, the owner was never prosecuted. Instead, the two witnesses are now being prosecuted for opening the doors to the piggery and filming the conditions. The owner also demands around 100,000 Euros.

The meat industry tries to scare us to silence with threats of large sums but we will continue reporting on animal abuse. 

Today a support page was launced with information in english as well;


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