2,115 Beagles Rescued From Marshall Farm's Green Hill Breeders In Italy


The rescue of Green Hill dogs has been halted today after 2,115 beagles have been taken out of the beagle breeding 'farm' in the past 10 days. This is after a long fought campaign in Italy, more information about the campaign (in Italian) at: http://www.fermaregreenhill.net

There is still 59 female breeders, either pregnant or with too young puppies, staying inside the kennels until September, for health reasons.

Then they will all be rehomed in 1 or 2 days with all the puppies... and the breeding farm will be completely empty!

This seems incredible to all of us!!! Much love and solidarity go out to those activists that have worked hard to make this happen! :]

Anyway, Green Hill is empty but has not been closed yet! So, please join in with this campaign.

A news agency story in english, here

Video of first beagle to be rescued:



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