Mercury Ban Exempts Vaccines


UN's Global Mercury ban exempts......vaccines

Mercury: A deadly poison. Just the tiniest drop will contaminate everything Land, air and water and people...

"It attacks the central nervous system and is particularly harmful to children"

Except when it is contained in vaccines. Then it is perfectly acceptable. Because apparently direct injection of mercury, into a living being with a central nervous system and a brain is not harmful? According to the UN. WHO clearly caters to the big pharma cartel. Treaty on mercury would not affect vaccines with mercury (thimerosal)

The treaty says that certain mercury-added products, such as batteries, lamps, switches, skin-lightening cosmetics, pesticides and thermometers, may not be manufactured, imported or exported no later than 2020. Mercury-added dental amalgams are also to be phased out. No mercury in cosmetics, pesticides, thermometers and dental amalgams.... but

Certain mercury-added products are to be exempted from the ban, including those used for military and civil protection, products with no mercury-free alternative, products used in religious or traditional practices and vaccines containing thimerosal, an ethylmercury preservative. The omission of thimerosal-containing vaccines from the ban disappointed advocates who believe the preservative plays a role in sickening some children.

“Children’s health took a backseat to special interests. (Pharmaceutical profits) The only major purposeful exposure to mercury that didn’t get addressed was thimerosal

There you have it folks. Mercury bad, except in the vaccine injected directly into living tissue. With direct access to a nervous system and a brain.


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