Global Warming Scam Exposed


Thousands of emails and documents stolen from the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit which show widespread complicity in the manipulation of data by top man-made global warming proponents have been released and are flooding the internet. Governments have used spurious data to further their control agenda in the face of real science but the conspiracy has been endlessly challenged by researchers with this surely now too much to ignore. The time has come for us to recognise and address the real problems that face us on this planet. Wake up people they are lying to us about everything.













Emails sent and received by Professor Phil Jones, director of the Norwich unit, tell us more of the story than the mainstream media have after years of indoctrination. Jones is a key player in the science of climate change and his department’s databases on global temperature changes and measurements have been crucial in building the case for man made global warming. Jones boasts of using statistical “tricks” to obliterate apparent declines in global temperature and he advocates deleting data rather than handing them to climate sceptics. An eminent scientist? If that's not enough to make the case to stop believing these people they have deleted from record all the raw data on which they based their finding, which means the data on which a large part of the world’s understanding of climate change is based can never be revisited or checked! They've censored our weather history to hide their deception. Read that again. Blind faith is all we have left.

This means they lied and the conclusions they reached are flawed. There's nothing to believe. The media's role is to dupe people en masse and they tend to succeed. The majority of us fall for this and look no further and rather attack the messenger. There are many people out there who have no such ties with oil who see fraudulent science for what it is. We don't base our campaigns on lies we side with the truth. Free energy technology exists and is suppressed by the same powers that control what the media tell us this means we don't need to even debate the burning of fossil fuels! Oil isn't the problem ignorance is.





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