The Animal Protection Party v Wickham Animal Labs


The Wickham Laboratories Cosmetic Testing Programme

Animal Experiments Home Department Written answers and statements (1 December 2009)

Norman Baker (Lewes, Liberal Democrat)

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many regulated procedures were carried out on animals at Wickham Laboratories in 2008; and how many of these involved potency testing of botulinum toxin.

Meg Hillier (Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Home Office; Hackney South & Shoreditch, Labour)

"I am unable to disclose how many regulated procedures were carried out on animals at Wickham Laboratories in 2008 and how many of those involved potency testing of botulinum toxin.

Information on number of regulated procedures relating to individual establishments cannot be disclosed in order to protect statistical confidentiality, in line with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics (implementing the Statistics and Registration Act 2007) and the national statistician's guidance "Confidentiality of Official Statistics".


A set of files were recovered from Wickham Laboratories Animal House during the fall of 2003 revealing extensive animal testing of botulinum toxin, better known on the streets as ‘Botox’. link to story These files documented the number and species of animals use in this so called ‘essential medical research’ which is what we are constantly assured is all they do in these secret laboratories where millions of animals die annually of something deliberately terrible they have had done to them.

To many people this is all perverse enough but then we discover that this killer chemical has human blood added to it before it is injected into people. The manufacturers admit privately that, “the risk of viral transmission cannot be excluded with any certainty.” In public Botox is safety tested and everyone lives happily ever after, although many users are unable to show their happiness due to the effect the product has on their expressions!

As you can see from the response of the Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Home Office the excuses are as useful as this corruption of science is to medical progress. An anti-vivisection group gained access again in 2009 and confirmed that nothing had changed. In 2003 they were slaughtering around 70,000 animals a year in crude poisoning programmes and in 2009, according to Wickham's own records, the numbers were the same. On just one day in July 2009, 989 mice were killed.

This from the BUAV undercover investigator’s diary May 12 2009: link to story

“The observations of the test mice are little more than a token gesture and certainly do not prevent appalling suffering and death. There are more mice found dead in their cages than there are killed at the so-called humane endpoint. Today in one room, I noticed that 24 mice were found dead at one check whereas only 2 were killed to prevent further suffering. One member of staff actually said they die so fast you can’t keep up. I am sickened by the whole thing.”

Wickham Laboratories uses thousands of mice a year to routinely batch test for quality control the product called Dysport® (manufactured by Ipsen Biopharm).

Dysport® is a preparation of one of the most toxic substances known, botulinum toxin, which is a nerve toxin. It is licensed in the UK for the treatment of relatively rare medical conditions.

However, botulinum toxin is mostly used “off-label” for cosmetic purposes where it is commonly referred to as ‘botox’ in the treatment of facial wrinkles and lines.

Most mice in the higher dose categories die during the test. After three or four days the number of mice still alive are counted and an LD50 value calculated. Lethal Dose 50%. This is passed off as scientific! The survivors are then either poured into the gas chamber and killed by carbon dioxide poisoning, a death that is far from instantaneous, or they have their neck ‘snapped’. We now know that botox is poisonous. It is then injected into people and the cycle continues.

It’s a compelling conclusion backed up by a great deal of evidence that the animal method of testing for human cures is flawed and the time has long passed for the evidence to be scrutinised independently in full public view. Here you will find all you need to know about the failings and the cruelty associated with vivisection.

The science, as it is classified by some, has never been tested in an independent scientific study and such a thing is fiercely opposed by those who defend the use of other animals to test medical theories and chemical products and to generate data. And that is why we are in Hampshire for the 2010 General Election. We know that there is deep discontent within Parliament where a majority of backbench MP’s support the scientific scrutiny of animal experiments and 83% of General Practitioners surveyed say the same.

Go to your doctors’ with an ailment and you can almost guarantee they’ll send you for a limited set of tests and prescribe you one of a small number of drugs: steroids, antibiotics, anti-depressants, pain-killers, anti inflammatory. If the tests don’t find the problem or if the drugs fail to ‘work’ you may well be told it’s in your head or that it will sort itself out in time and you will be left to fend for yourself. This is common but it isn’t the fault of the doctor’s it’s what they are taught and is symptomatic of a system based on drug therapy and the experimentation of other animals. Look at the hospitals, care hostels and non-drug treatment clinics: the chiropractors, reflexologists, homeopaths, herbalists and so on. They are inundated with desperate people who have been dosed up with all the drugs their bodies can take and they can take no more and want something that works.

“These days Big Pharma is throwing billions of dollars into marketing drugs that really don't do anything new... In a disturbing trend, pharmaceutical companies are in the business of manufacturing a diagnosis to their drug, rather than working on a new drug for an existing condition. From a physician's point of view, we're seeing resources the marketing of "me too" variants of existing drugs.” Concord Monitor, 28 March 2010.

Drug reactions are an epidemic in themselves and the cause of an incredible number of hospital admissions and fatalities


We think the time has come for things to change. Vote For Sarah Coats in the Meon Valley on May 6



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