In The News '09

a year of progress against vivisection 2009 read
meet your meat demo, central London 29/12/09 read
vaccine dreams 29/12/09 read
coventry greyhound track closes 29/12/09 read
usa greyhound track closes read
sea shepherd in action 24/12/09 read
science hides the truth 30/11/09 read
hunter shot dead 22/12/09 read
shoppers back circus animal ban 22/12/09 read
food waste facts 18/12/09 read

dying elephant trainer blows the whistle 16/12/09 read
police payout for more wrongful arrests 16/12/09 read
zoo worker has sex with dog 16/12/09 read
‘ar activist’ to open harrods 16/12/09 read
hunt chase deer into traffic 15/12/09 read
roche engages in science fraud 14/12/09 read
lonely zoo gorilla dies 14/12/09 read
antidote pesticide study 12/12/09 read
ar protesters bring 100 carcasses 11/12/09 read
raiders given community service 11/12/09 read
1907 riots against vivisection 10/12/09 read
vaccination true stories 10/12/09 read
activist arrested for rescuing dogs 9/12/09 read
active in austria 9/12/09 read
mp who says beavers kill fish kills fish! 8/12/09 read
big oil behind copenhagen climate scam 7/12/09 read
activist wins the right to protest 7/12/09 read
mink raider fights on (u.s) 6/12/09 read
swedish meats chairman forced out 3/12/09 read
cat jailed for aiding prisoners 2/12/09 read
vaccines: a bullet to the head 2/12/09 read
doctors do not like vaccine 2/12/09 read
farm raider convicted 2/12/09 read
peta say electrocute lobsters 1/12/09 read
ireland – get flu jab or be jailed 1/12/09 read
vegan campaigner sent to jail 30/11/09 read
un document shows climate brainwashing30/11/09 read
puerto rican split over monkey plans 30/11/09 read
dr. tim ball on the hacked emails 28/11/09 read
ukgovt can make vaccination compulsory 28/11/09 read
china jails environmentalist wanted in u.s. 27/11/09 read
ex nasa director says wtc bombed 911 27/11/09 read
pfizer punished for inflicting cancer 26/11/09 read
message to the environmental movement 26/11/09 read
mink release study 26/11/09 read
pain experiments condemned 25/11/09 read
animal rights activist denies farm damage 25/11/09 read
bbc delays disclosure 24/11/09 read
global warming scam exposed 19/11/09 read
aerosol spraying over europe? 22/11/09 read
resisting the corporations 18/11/09 read
edm569 – now finished 20/11/09 read
more on codex alimentarius 19/11/09 read
conspiracy charge for lab raid 19/11/09 read
yum! processed meat 19/11/09 read
urgent prisoners bulletins 18/11/09 read
the cancer scam 18/11/09 read
the european biowar outbreak 17/11/09 read
trial in austria 16/11/09 read
sabs out in hampshire 16/11/09 read
morini farm close down at last (italy) 16/11/09 read
yorkshire animal labs exposed 12/11/09 read
report from us mink trial sentencing 12/11/09 read
20 years failure: gm animal research 12/11/09 read
great vegan business idea 12/11/09 read
from pound to lab 11/11/09 read
hunt thugs shoot at anti’s 11/11/09 read
primate cancer tests slammed 13/10/09 read
mink raider in court 10/11/09 read
religious savagery 9/11/09 read
usa lab raiders hunted 9/11/09 read
how to eat vegan 9/11/09 read
mink farm raider guilty 9/11/09 read
sack the rspca 8/11/09 read
more on hls’ problems 6/11/09 read
chicken waste fed to cattle 6/11/09 read
support for vivisection falls 4/11/09 read
sea shepherd’s new speedboat 17/10/09 read
compensating irish fur farmers 18/10/09 read
mink farm patrols increase 4/11/09 read
international animal rights day 4/11/09 read
operation greyhound 3/11/09 read
mink liberator caught red-handed 2/11/09 read
hls in deep trouble 2/11/09 read
stop the massacre on robben island 2/11/09 read
botox tests exposed again 1/11/09 read
greyhound track guilty 1/11/09 read
another reason to avoid the needle 1/11/09 read
the chip is in the needle. 1/11/09 read
hunting the hunters 31/10/09 read
sabs compensated £37,000 21/8/09 read
zoo suspended 31/10/09 read
knesset: against animal rights 31/10/09 read
animal testing fails science 22/10/09 read
fur farm protest ban challenged (us) 30/10/09 read
a month of drug failures 29/10/09 read
danish fur farmers under pressure 29/10/09 read
police hunt hunt thugs 29/10/09 read
extremists? 27/10/09 read
danish fur investigation launched 27/10/09 read
edm 569 - contact your mp 27/10/09 read
identifying dissidents 26/10/09 read
activist under investigation 26/10/09 read
record fine for drug company 23/10/09 read
nine mink farms raided. /10/09 read
zoo exposed. 20/10/09 read
ucla vivisectors desperate. 18/10/09 read
vivisector slammed in court. 16/10/09 read
activists blamed for sabotage. 15/10/09 read
safer medicines campaign alert. 14/10/09 read
glaxo fined $2.5 million for paxil defects 13/10/09 read
merck destroy doctors who speak out 13/10/09 read

slavery or freedom 10/10/09 read
man denies killing hunter. 5/10/09 read
escaped panda dies from injuries. 5/10/09 read
fortress drop hls. 5/10/09 read
civil servants slam eu lab cruelty. 4/10/09 read
lush supports hunt saboteurs. 3/10/09 read
activist released, rearrested (u.s) 2/10/09 read
activist detained for arson in pasadena. 1/10/09 read
ritual killing condemned 29/9/09 read
monkey breeder targeted. 29/9/09 read
joan’s long march for animal rights. 25/9/09 read
hunt trespass film. 23/9/09 read
rabbit farm protest. 22/9/09 read
security at u.s animal research labs. 22/9/09 read
human microchip flu vaccine link. 21/9/09 read
vivisector imprisoned. 18/9/09 read
the monkeys will be freed. 18/9/09 read
fur farms close. 18/9/09 read
more fur farms going out of business. 17/9/09 read
academics fight animal rights in court. 16/9/09 read
charlie sheen says 9/11 was inside job. 11/9/09 read
human freedom animal rights 9/9/09 read
another reason to avoid the needle 7/9/09 read
animal rights gathering 31/8/09 read
monkey’s saved 30/8/09 read
the chip is in the needle. 28/8/09 read
japan hunts activists. 20/8/09 read
hls annual report. 11/8/09 read
rabbit farm protest camp 27/7/09 read
journalists assaulted in namibia 18/7/09 read
hunt lose court case 14/7/09 read
protestor freed 7/7/09 read
we are not mice 6/7/09 read
attack on activists 6/7/09 read
the dark agenda of western medicine 25/6/09 read
pig farming exposed 4/6/09 read
fire destroys offices of vivisection supplier 29/5/09 read
activists say they set lab fire 27/5/09 read
dog rescued from sex abuse 27/5/09 read
irish pig farming exposed 27/5/09 read
ar africa mourns death of sybil 27/5/09 read
highbridge and hls /5/09 read
activist jailed for contempt 19/5/09 read
police chief supports animal abusers 15/5/09 read
belgian city plans ‘veggie’ days 12/5/09 read
animal liberators on trial 11/5/09 read
fox trapped in snare survives 9/5/09 read
farm to close homes needed 7/5/09 read
files prove political motivation 5/5/09 read
circus violence 30/4/09 read
hunt monitor freed 24/4/09 read
greyhounds saved 20/4/09 read
the protein myth /04/09 read
the bees needs 13/4/09 read
drug company fined £50m 6/4/09 read
the killing of jade goody 2/4/09 read
animal activists are not terrorists 2/4/09 read
must see – the cove 1/4/09 read
big pharma’s latest poisonous concoction 31/3/09 read
fabricated pharmaceutical studies 16/3/09 read
protest over circus elephant show 15/3/09 read
jailed for refusing to testify 13/3/09 read
activist’s conviction vacated 13/3/09 read
hunt fans plot to commit murder 12/2/09 read
hunt thug death (alternative view) 11/3/09 read
protest pensioner freed 9/2/09 read
police condemn broughton 13/2/09 read

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