Vaccination Articles (regularly updated)

vaccines house of cards tumbling down 10/2/17 read
cdc “owns over 20 vaccine patents” 23/1/17 read
science based propaganda 22/1/17 read
cdc, vaccines & autism 17/1/17 read
study verifies autism mmr vaccine link 15/1/17 read
vaccines revealed series 15/1/17 watch

let the science speak, kennedy 12/1/17 read
the truth about vaccinations 11/1/17 read
vaxxed trailer 10/1/17 watch
link between aluminium & alzheimer’s 2/1/17 read
disabled boy wins case over vaccine damage 31/12/16 read
vaccine failures keep mounting 13/12/16 read
voodoo science: the myth of vaccine efficacy 5/12/15 read
scientific papers thimerosal & autism 30/5/15 read
a crime against humanity 19/6/13 read
whooping cough rises despite vaccine 6/6/13 read
vaccine pioneer spreads cancer 16/3/13 read
aborted children in child vaccines! 29/1/13 read
mercury ban exempts vaccines 20/1/13 read
children paralysed by vaccine 13/1/13 read
more than 2,000 vaccinated babies died 24/3/11 read
160,000 cats get cancer after vaccine 10/2/11 read
whooping cough vaccine doubts 7/1/11 read
secret experiments on humans read
child flu vaccine contains mercury 9/1/11 read
pharmaceutical terrorism 14/12/10 read
h1n1 vaccine 700% increase in miscarriages 8/12/10 read
plans to increase vaccine dose for kids 24/11/10 read
jab ‘may cause’ deadly nerve disease 16/10/10 read
vaccine damage is very real 12/10/10 read
flu shot propaganda use strip clubs 6/10/10 read
human experimental conspiracy 5/10/10 read
vaccine lawsuits opened? 13/10/10 read
vaccine blamed for child convulsions 4/10/10 read
glaxo vaccine failure 3/10/10 read
vaccines to control world population 1/10/10 read
glaxo vaccine bowel risk 22/9/10 read
infant vaccine dangers exposed 21/9/10 read
millions of chinese oppose vaccine plan 14/9/10 read
vaccinations and science – a conflict 2/9/10 read
finland suspends h1n1 children vaccine 28/8/10 read
admission of guilt over vaccine damage28/8/10 read
flu plan scandal ahead 21/8/10 read
vaccines and neurological damage 20/8/10 read
flu advisors ties to vaccine manufacturers 11/8/10 read
flu jab linked to fits in under fives 31/7/10 read
vaccine, pharma fraud exposed 2/7/10 read
u.s govt panel “vaccinations for all” 26/6/10 read
hpv vaccine blinds 16 year old girl 24/6/10 read
vaccine conspiracy exposed 5/6/10 read
vaccination true stories read
vaccine fillers read
flu vaccine & convulsion 12/5/10 read
contaminated vaccines approved 20/5/10 read
gsk vaccine contaminated 22/3/10 read
the great thimerosal cover up mercury, vaccines and your child’s health read
vaccines kill dogs obviously 6/3/10 read
thousands sue over vaccine link to autism read
uk parliamentary note allows compulsory vaccinations read
doctors do not like vaccine read
know the vaccines read
another reason to avoid the needle read
fury at vaccine scandal read
people drugs that are not safe for pets read
vaccine link to baby death read

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